WorldTime Clock Lite

WorldTime Clock Lite 2.5

World Clock Desktop Display

WorldTime Clock Lite is an ideal software application for displaying the time and dates other than your local time in a single remote location.

It is capable of displaying the date of a remote location without having to go online to check for accuracy or calculating how many hours advance or late you are from that location.

WorldTime Clock Lite is an ideal tool for people who frequently do business in another part of the world, or have to frequently communicate with friends and family in different locations.

The clock is capable of accurately displaying the time and date in a certain city so that you can keep track of and be conscious of the time.

Also, WorldTime Clock Lite has other features like Appointment Management to help you organize time, meetings and daily schedules, and a Reminders List that you can use to remind you of a small task to do or provide you a list of things that you should not forget.

You can add reminders with just a mouse click. This software has features that you can customize and Winamp skin support to add more character to your clock.